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June 8, 2014 • Drink • Views: 4880

Driving back from brunch in Kemang last week along Jalan Suryo, my fiance and I scrambled for a pen and a piece of paper so we could jot down the names of some of the amazing looking cafes and restaurants as we whizzed by. Of the places that caught our eye, Crematology Coffee Roasters topped our list for an imminent visit, and we are ever so glad that it did.

As digital communications specialists, my fiance and I run a business that works with people from all across the world. We don’t have an office, just a list of our few favourite cafes where we can spend an hour or four listening to good tunes, drinking delicious coffee and taking advantage of free, fast wifi. Lucky for us, Crematology caters to all these needs and in fact, was recently voted in one of the top twenty places to work in Indonesia by out of office professionals.

Knowing the premise behind Crematology, the minimalistic design and wide, communal features make a lot more sense. An atmosphere more private and low-key than a conventional cafe, it is built around the concept of convenience and comfort, with long benches, cozy study nooks and more power sockets then you can poke a stick (or power-cord) at.

Crematology coffee roasters

Best of all, the coffee is good which, when your name is Crematology, you’d seriously want it to be. For me, one of the marks of a good barista is that rather than a coffee being served scorching hot, it comes toasty warm. This ensures that the coffee isn’t burned, and that you can actually taste the flavours as they go down. In this respect, Crematology wins out.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to taste the menu this time around, but by the looks of their amazingly well coordinated Instagram feed (and where we credit our photos), it definitely looks worth a second visit. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, the second level of the building is a restaurant, Commune, which we’ve put on our hitlist too. Either way, we know that we’ll be back to Crematology soon, laptops in hand and this time, for a Nutella muffin to boot.

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