FJ on 7 in Kemang, one swanky rooftop

FJ on 7 has one of Kemang's best views

May 25, 2014 • Drink • Views: 6561

Jakarta is home to so many rooftop bars but unless you own a helicopter, many of them are virtually impossible to spot. We were lucky enough to stumble across FJ on 7 on one of our first nights in Jakarta, and it has since become one of our favourite places to kick back in the cool breeze while overlooking the city.

FJ on 7 (don’t ask me what the name means, I quite enjoy the mystery) is on the top floor of the Colony Building, next door to the Grand Kemang. Take the painfully slow lift to the rooftop and find yourself in a garden oasis, overflowing with plants and fern fronds, and home to some extremely wealthy looking Jakartans. The space itself if surprisingly big, and we had no problem fitting a group of 10 around the comfortable seats and lounges.

Although certainly not going to win any prizes in the value for money stakes, FJ on 7 features a well-packed cocktail and spirits list, for the usual range of RP80,000 to RP150,000 for a single shot drink. As if further evidence of its up-market demeanour, when we enquired whether it was happy hour we were told that it didn’t exist, which immediately impeded our alcohol intake.

This rooftop garden has been very carefully decorated, and looks amazing

To their credit, the cocktails were delicious, with our group sampling the lychee martini (my go-to drink, and it didn’t disappoint), amaretto sour, margarita and a strawberry daiquiri. All were quick to arrive and beautifully presented, and they didn’t skimp on the alcohol either. Basic drinks are expensive here, with beers starting at around RP50,000 for a Bintang, so you may as well upgrade rather than fork out for a schooner.

The best part of FJ on 7 is definitely the view, although the attention to detail in the fit-out is worth a mention. Perched on the edge of the building you can see all across Kemang, which at any time of night is a gorgeous skyline. The cool breeze and the atmosphere (not to mention the prices) almost makes you feel like you’re on Brunswick street.

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