Lazy Mondays at ‘Otel Lobby

April 21, 2014 • Drink • Views: 5049

‘Otel Lobby in South Jakarta is a fair bit classier than it’s somewhat unfortunate name would suggest. The café, bar and restaurant boasts an extensive (albeit pricey) cocktail and food menu, including a Sunday brunch that might entice the nostalgic expat or two.

Featuring two outside seating areas – including some very comfortable red lounges – and a large, shadowy interior decorated with cow-skin rugs, impressive chandeliers and more waiters than you can poke a stick at, it’s a comfortable place to pull up an oversized armchair and lounge for an hour or two.

We stopped by on a quiet Monday afternoon, the only patrons enjoying the soft background jazz and free and extremely fast wifi. The coffee was delicious when it finally arrived – like the atmosphere the service is relaxed, so don’t come if you’re in an impatient mood – and a free biscuit or two will always brighten up any order.

We’re yet to check it out, but ‘Otel Lobby advertises ‘Hell Hour’ from 5-9pm Monday to Thursday and 4-10pm on Sundays, with two for one cocktails and bar food. With prices starting from RP110,000 and RP65,000 respectively , you’d certainly want to time your visits accordingly. Wednesday nights also feature an acoustic set from 8pm and ladies (apparently) drink free. There’s a bunch of information on their up-to-date website, which includes menus, prices, events and more.

All an all, ‘Otel Lobby is a good mid-afternoon pit stop if you want to settle in for an hour or two, slowly sipping your latte and getting some work or study done. We’ll come back for a review of Hell Hour later, so watch this space if an espresso martini is more your style.

  • Plenty of space, but you've got it all to yourself
  • Coffees start from RP35,000, excluding tax and service charge
  • 'Otel Lobby is full of little oddities
  • The outdoor seating area at 'Otel Lobby is all about comfort
  • The 'Otel Lobby is an extremely relaxing place to wile away an afternoon or two

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