Science in a PANDAVA coffee cup

April 23, 2014 • Drink • Views: 5474

PANDAVA coffee is without a doubt one of our favourite places for a caffeine injection, whether meeting a friend for a cappuccino on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or recharging with one of their specialty black blends and settling in for a buzzed-up study or work session.

With the oh-so-trendy industrial look, complete with exposed ceilings, painted wall art and minimalistic design, PANDAVA is a very cruisy way to enjoy some seriously good coffee, tapping your foot to indie rock through a cloud of second-hand smoke (one of the downsides of Indonesian hipster haunts, unfortunately).

If you’re a serious coffee nut – or should we say bean – then PANDAVA is well worth the visit. It has a range of brewing methods, including aeropress, chemex and syphon, making it one of many ‘third-wave’ coffee joints popping up across Jakarta that specialize in quality ingredients and the infusion process. It also has a bunch of DYI materials available for purchase for the true enthusiast.

Their coffee is sourced both locally and internationally, with the menu featuring a range of blends and techniques based on individual preference. The barista can even adjust the temperature of the coffee to suit each particular grind, taking brewing to a whole new level of art. If you’re a scientist at heart, it’s worth perching yourself up at the bar and watching your order make its way through a series of glass bottles and valves, before emerging, dark and fragrant, in your cup.

Prices are fairly standard for this part of town, ranging from RP22,000 for an espresso to RP43,000 for a top-notch frappe. There is also a range of pre-made nibbles on offer, including croissants, macaroons and sandwiches starting from RP20,000, although food is clearly not their forte, nor do they care for it to be. It’s all about the coffee here.

PANDAVA caters to both solo and group visits, with free and fast wifi (don’t tell them, but I downloaded an episode of Game of Thrones within twenty minutes), as well as good selection of board games including chess, Scrabble and UNO. It also plays host to a range of tables, stools, couches, benches and armchairs to suit any group or situation. Be sure to get yourself a good pozzie, cause it fills up over lunchtime and into the afternoon on weekdays.

  • The cruisy PANDAVA interior is very casual and relaxed
  • The menu features a range of coffees, as well as an extensive blackboard with different brewing options
  • The finished product is seriously good looking, and tasty!
  • PANDAVA is a favourite haunt for the Indonesian hipster

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