Swimming over the skyline at The Edge

Cool down while overlooking the Jakarta skyline

June 22, 2014 • Drink • Views: 6929

Few people can poo-poo an infinity pool, particularly one that cuts a view of Jakarta’s shimmering (or smoggy) skyline. If you need an escape from the sweaty street-scape of Kemang, duck up┬áto the fifth floor of The Edge where you can sip cool beers and swim under hibiscus trees while overlooking the city below.

We wandered up on a Sunday afternoon, where only a few people were dotted around the white day beds, playing on Instagram and taking selfies. Five of us nestled up in the back corner, and ordered a round of beers; Bintangs and San Miguel Lights. Icy mugs quickly appeared and we downed them while cooling our feet in the pool, wishing we had bought our swimmers.

Although certainly going for an upper class market, The Edge on a Sunday afternoon is quiet and relaxed, the perfect escape from Jakarta’s oppressive vibe. The menu featured some tasty sounding treats like the Veg Out burger, with a pinto, oats and sweet potato patty (RP65,000), and king prawn spaghetti with garlic infused oil, basil and chilli (RP90,000). We’ll definitely be back to sample the breakfast menu, which includes a shiitake benedict (RP65,000) and caprese scramble (RP40,000). Given the gorgeous setting I was surprised at the prices, which are fairly standard in the Kemang area.

The best feeling about the Edge is the separation it gives you from the city, the natural sunlight high up enough to block out the sound of the traffic. Next time I’ll be bringing my swimmers, Ipod, Kindle and some tanning oil, in it for the long haul.

  • A beautiful spot to have lunch
    A gorgeous place to sit and have lunch, although don't forget your swimmers
  • The pool is framed by hibiscus trees to give it natural beauty
    The pool is framed by hibiscus trees that give it a natural touch
  • The breakfast and lunch menu looks delicious
    The menu looks delicious, especially the breakfast
  • Cool down while overlooking the Jakarta skyline
    Have a dip while overlooking the city skyline

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