Waffles fresh off the griddle at Loewy

Waffles are a house speciality, cooked alfresco on a hot griddle

June 15, 2014 • Eat • Views: 7840

A friend of mine recently recommend that I check out Loewy Restaurant and Bar in Mega Kuningan in my search for the perfect brunch destination. So, this weekend I met up with a few of my friends who were willing to drag themselves out of bed before 10am on a Sunday morning to see what it had on offer.

I had made a reservation the night before, but there were plenty of free spots when we arrived, with an array of booths, benches, bar stools and tables. Loewy is designed to make the most of the natural light (or what’s visible through the Jakarta smog), with an outward facing seating plan, big glass windows and high ceilings. We were perched on a table inside but next to an open sliding door, the best of both worlds.

Loewy has a standard breakfast menu Monday to Friday, but over the weekend they bulk up their efforts and provide a range of brunch options. I couldn’t resist the waft of fresh waffles being cooked alfresco on the patio, and opted for a serving with cream and strawberries (RP45,000). Andrew went for his old fall-back of eggs benedict with english muffins (RP75,000), and Jamie tried the Croque Madame, an open-faced sandwich with ham, caramelised onions, fried eggs and honey mustard sauce (RP70,000).

My waffles were definitely the stand-out meal, and look to be a bit of a house speciality. There were some other tasty looking plates gliding past to other tables including the Full Monty, with pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns and toast (RP110,ooo) and a smoked salmon sandwich with rocket, dill and parmesan (RP75,000).

The service was a little slow, and there was a mix up with our order (I tried to order two breakfasts, which threw them a little), but the ambience is pleasant enough that I didn’t mind the wait. The coffee could also be served a little hotter, but I asked for ‘lebih panas’ the second time around and it was much better. All in all, not a bad start to a Sunday and I’ll definitely be back for waffles, round two.

  • Waffles are a house speciality, cooked alfresco on a hot griddle
    The house speciality: fresh waffles with strawberries, maple syrup and cream
  • Lots of nice touches to make it a pleasant dining expereince
    Loewy has a relaxing ambience and lots of nice touches
  • The brunch menu is extensive and can be downloaded from their website
    Loewy has an extensive brunch menu which you can access from their website
  • Plenty of seating options, from booths to bar stools
    Plenty of options for seating, including booths, benches and bar stools
  • A relaxed ambience and some delicious smells
    Waffles are cooked al-fresco on a hot griddle
  • Loewy is designed to make the most of natural light
    The restaurant takes an advantage of natural light, perfect for Sunday brunch
  • The croque madame: eggs, caramelised onion and honey mustard sauce
    Croque Madame: ham, eggs, cheese and honey mustard

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