The perfect ratio at One Fifteenth

January 4, 2015 • Drink • Views: 5823

It’s been awhile since I posted to the ‘Drink’ section of the blog, mainly because we tend to shape our outings in Jakarta around the hunt for good food. Never one to surpass an opportunity for a caffeine hit, however, Andrew and I made a somewhat extensive trip down to South Jakarta on Saturday to try out One Fifteenth, a boutique brewery with a growing reputation amongst Jakarta’s coffee elites.

Like Giyanti, Crematology and Pandava, One Fifteenth is riding the third wave of coffee shops in Jakarta that focus on superior brewing methods and single-origin beans. Behind the bar are an array of drip, french press and percolator machines available to both sample and purchase, allowing you to mix-and-match your order according to bean and brewing method. The menu also features classic milk-based coffees, for those who aren’t quite up to the experimentation.

Andrew opting for a latte, I decided to deviate from my traditional palate and sample a french press Javanese blend. Not a big fan of black coffee, I tried to order a side of milk but was told “tidak bisa”, whether because I jumbled my Indonesian or was just being plain uncultured, I don’t know. Served in a quaint glass decanter, it was surprisingly light in colour and flavour, no need for milk or sugar after all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.26.58 pm

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.27.42 pm

Clearly established with a singular focus in mind (it draws its’ name from the perfect ratio of coffee to water), One Fifteenth has a somewhat vague ambience, with the wooden tables and chairs strewn across the relatively large space creating (whether intentionally or inadvertently) a minimalistic design. We were surprised to note there was no music playing, nor was there much in the way of decoration apart from the off table plant and cushion, but in a sense that almost added to its charm. Certainly it remains unpretentious despite its pop-culture concept, a much preferred style to the over-tailored ‘authentic’ look so many new places in Jakarta are aspiring to.

One Fifteenth features just a small food menu, including the quiche of the day (chicken and mushroom, served with a side salad) for RP50,000 and smoked salmon on a pancake stack with hollandaise (RP75,000). Both meals were surprisingly tasty and served up quick, making for a great pre-work option for those in the area. With plenty of scope for growth, I’d say One Fifteenth is one to keep on the radar, as it can only go upwards from here.

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